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Who we are:


The members of our group are an association of individuals from Texas and other locations in the Mid-west and the Gulf Coast region, who come from a variety of backgrounds.  Our members include US Navy, US Coast Guard and US Army veterans, Fire service and EMS personnel, museum and non-profit professionals, legal professionals, and educators, as well as practitioners of other diverse trades. All of us share a common interest in our Nation’s history of service, particularly with regards to the US Navy in WWII. We also are committed to fostering better understanding of those times and the people of that era by utilizing thorough research and respectful living history interpretive techniques for audiences of all ages.



Activities and Programs


The Lone Star WW2 Living History Crew currently holds quarterly events on the USS Stewart at the American Undersea Warfare Center at Seawolf Park in Galveston, Texas. The AUWC is adminstered and operated by the Cavalla Historical Foundation. Their website may be viewed at:



During events at museum ships such as the Stewart, living history crew members will man "interpetive stations"  and present a variety of activities to help visitors get a better understanding of life and work aboard USN/USCG ships during WWII.  These activities may include (but are not limited to) any of the following:


  • taking part in the host site's public memorial ceremonies (such as crew members in dress whites manning the rail on the ship); 

  • 1940s recreational activities such as softball games, dominoes, writing letters,         listening to radio, etc.;

  • working as greeters orienting the visitors as they come aboard the host ship;

  • interactive educational activities on the duties of gun crew members in the 40MM or 3”/50 tubs;

  • educational demonstration/hands-on activities about WWII-era damage control and naval firefighting, with explanation of hose lines and multi-purpose nozzles, CO2 extinguishers, safety lamps, OBA, etc.;

  • educational activity in ship's wheelhouse with discussion of navigation and steering the ship;

  • educational demonstrations and activities in the ship's ward room with setting tables, polishing silver, etc. and/or in galley with discussion of meals, food preparation and serving on board, and the social structure reflected in the different china styles and mess gear;

  • educational demonstration/activity on communications utilizing radio room and/or signal flags;

  • reenactment of General Quarters and other drills;

  • everyday work demonstrations – swabbing decks, peeling potatoes, etc.

  • marlinspike seamanship demonstration/hands-on activities 

Lone Star WW2 Living History Crew Association members also take part as volunteers in restoration work and maintenance of the host ship under supervision of the site curator.  This often involves traveling to the ship in between public events to particiapte in work weekends and carry out special projects.


Chief leads a presentation on damage control for a Boy Scout group visiting on USS Stewart, January, 2016

Ensign Lightbody demonstrates the MKIV gas mask for a scout group

Living history crew members Brian Shajari (USCG, active) and George Zatopek (USN, ret.) take part in the 2016 Memorial Day ceremony at Seawolf Park in Galveston, TX, 

At the October 2016 event, Brian and Boz work on fixing a 1940s-era stencil machine for use in the ships office.

Paintwork being carried out by living history crew members in the forward crew mess compartment of USS Stewart

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