One of the key factors that enabled the Allies to win WWII was the massive navy that the United States assembled during the course of war.  Our goal to is help ensure that the people of our nation understand, appreciate and remember the contributions and commitment of the men and women who built and served in the largest and most effective naval force the world has ever seen.
Gulf Coast WWII Living History Crew
Gulf Coast WWII Living History Crew

The Lone Star WW2 Living History Crew 


Our Mission:

Our mission is to represent and recreate aspects of daily life, and the diverse activities and backgrounds of US Navy and USCG personnel on shipboard during the Second World War, in order to help educate the general public about the challenges American sailors faced and the vital roles that the US Navy and USCG played during that conflict.

What we do:

The members of the Lone Star WW2 Living History Crew Association seek opportunities to collaborate with staff and administration at WWII-era museum ships and WWII-related historic sites, and to participate in public living history events throughout the Gulf Coast states, including Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama and Florida. We are developing and presenting living history interpretive activities and educational events for the public aboard various museum ships, similar to what is provided on other historic museum ships such as the USS Olympia, USS Massachusetts, USS Alabama, and USS North Carolina.


In preparation for this work, the Lone Star WW2 Living History Crew members have been conducting research (based on sources such as period memoirs, reports, photos, film, and specialists’ manuals, and period publications such as the 1940, 1943 and 1944 editions of the Bluejacket’s Manual), assembling the necessary authentic original and reproduction uniforms and associated items to represent various ratings and specialties, and undergoing training by experienced museum educators.


In working with various museum ships, historical sites and other organizations, our program and event planning team emphasize collaboration and communication with site staff and administrators, as they seek to coordinate schedules and proceed with full understanding of each site's learning goals for visitors, as well as site regulations and operational parameters.


Lone Star WW2 Living History Crew members strive to work with site or museum ship staff and administrators in planning living history activities for these events in order to maximize resources and generate the greatest benefit and public awareness that is possible.


Gulf Coast WWII Living History Crew